The Clarion Hotel will be following strict Covid Protocol for the convention. Bathrooms and water stations will be regularly sanitized. Each participant will be required to dance in a taped off box area and following social distancing throughout the 3 days. The lunch break times will be staggered between the age levels to alleviate many people eating together and each level will also practice social distancing during the lunch break. The Clarion Hotel will do a full sanitize between the day and evening classes.


The dancers need to supply their own lunch and nutritous snacks for between classes. They will not have time to go anywhere for lunch as they only have 30 minutes to eat and be back in class. Please make sure they have snacks that are quick an easy. They will need a refillable water bottle. There will be a water station in each dance room.

Hotel Arrangements

Staying in the hotel is optional. Due to COVID protocol we ask that you keep to single families in each room. There will be zero supervision provided by the Fusion Faculty. Mention “fusion dance” when booking hotel rooms to receive our convention rate.


Dancers are to be dropped off in the designated outdoor area for their age level. They will be checked in by a Faculty member and Covid protocol will be administered. There will be supervision during all breaks and dancers will stay in their allotted area. At the end of the day dancers will be brought down to the main level and will be released when they are in the custody of their guardian.


Fusion will be posting an order form online to preorder convention/Fused clothing. There will be t-shirts / crew necks / and pant options. Stay tuned for more info.

Convention Registration

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